Hands Up, Who’s Been to THE SOO?

I was told I took a trip down Boring Lane with the last post.  Sorry about that.

This week we’re preparing for a big trip.  We’re leaving on Friday for a week, heading up to Sault Sainte Marie (THE SOO) then over to Michigan and back home via Frankenmuth and Bronner’s Christmas Wonderland.

We’re getting organized.  We have our passports; even the dog has her paperwork in order.  My concerns for the trip are all clustered into the first couple of days.  It’s a 10 hour car ride to THE SOO and we have to keep Liam happy during the journey.  The dog will be fine.  She’s an amazing traveller.  Once we’re in THE SOO we have to entertain ourselves for two days.  What is there to do in THE SOO?  I’m trying to convince Duncan that we should go bear spotting at the garbage dump, but so far he’s not going for it.  If there’s anybody out there in the blogosphere who’s been to Sault Sainte Marie and has suggestions for family friendly fun, I’m totally open.

I also need advice from parents.  How do I entertain a two year old on a ten hour car trip?  I need some ammunition to throw at him when he starts to melt down.

OK everybody, it’s over to you.  Your advice could make or break this trip.  Come on, help a Mutha out!


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4 Responses to “Hands Up, Who’s Been to THE SOO?”

  1. LInda Says:

    put him in the trunk!! oops!! did I say that out loud??!! LOL
    good luck with your trip, never been to the Soo, my step mother had relatives from the Soo but whenever they came to visit they flew…..guess that’s outta the question!!

  2. Tiffany Says:

    Frankenmuth is awesome! Bronner’s Christmas shop is magic. I remember it from when I was a kid. Now…little boy entertainment. Hmm…does Liam have little dinosaur toys? or how about small work trucks (bulldozer, frontloader, dumptruck, etc)? If you bring clothes he can completely get filthy in, and you find a good dig-it up spot at camp, he could entertain himself digging in nature’s sandbox for hours! My preschoolers love making a construction site in the sandbox. This might buy you some relaxation time while off the road.

    • jroutledge Says:

      I actually picked up a couple of new cars for him to play with. Hopefully the novelty will keep him occupied longer. I’m really excited about Bronner’s. We were there last year, but I wasn’t prepared for the magnitude of it. This time I have a plan of attack!

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