It’s Not a Sham, It’s a Sham WOW!

It’s been a whirlwind couple of weeks, let me tell you.  We drove, we visited, and we ate a ton.  I cooked, I baked and I wrapped.  We got sick.  We got better.  We drove and ate and visited some more and opened a lot of presents.

We got some great stuff.  As for the list of trailer wants (in addition to the grill I mentioned in the last post) we got our screen house.  Thank you very much Auntie Caroline, Uncle Neil and Lilly.  I’m looking forward to using it.  We gave them a tent, so they can start to join us on our little excursions.

I have an amendment to the list, though.  I forgot all about the Sham Wow.  I’ve wanted one for ages.  I’ve imitated Vince and his Sham Wow commercials ad infinitum; to the point that I received 6 of them for Christmas this year.  So, consider the Sham Wow added to the list and ticky boxed off.  I’ve got Sham Wow’s comin’ out the wazoo and I don’t have a clue what I’m going to do with them, but I’m sure I can spare a couple for the trailer.

The decorations are packed up and we’re back to the grind.  We rang in the new year and the new decade and it’s time to focus on the resolutions that will keep us going until the holiday roll around next year.  Personally, I’ve eaten so much in the past month, I shouldn’t have to eat again until March.  Maybe some exercise is in order.



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