It’s Time For The Toronto RV Show and Extravaganza!!!!!

This is a big, big week for RV enthusiasts in southern Ontario.  The Toronto RV Show and Extravaganza is being held at the Toronto Congress Centre from January 21 to 24th.  It’s my favourite January event.

It’s Ontario’s largest RV show, with more than 500 RV’s to tour through and drool over.  We’re going on Sunday, and I can’t wait!

So here’s what I’m thinking.  I’ll go to the RV Show (& Extravaganza) then I’ll come back and give you the highlights.  After that I’ll blog, once a week, about a trailer from the show that made me want to trade up.

I’ll call the series “Trailers That Are Better Than Mine,” or something to that effect.  I’ll start with the pop-ups and work my way to the ‘motor mansions’.  That should get us through February, eh?

So that’s the goal.  Hopefully I get enough info and pics to get you all aspiring to trailer ownership, or bigger, better trailer ownership.

Till next week then.


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One Response to “It’s Time For The Toronto RV Show and Extravaganza!!!!!”

  1. Caroline Says:

    I don’t see any more posts about the show.

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