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August 13, 2009

I knew the minute we arrived, that I was going to like the KOA in Sault Sainte Marie.  I can never put my finger on what makes a first impression, but something about the place made me feel instantly safe, welcome and comfortable.

KOA in Sault Sainte Marie

KOA in Sault Sainte Marie

The KOA chain is like the McDonald’s of campgrounds in that you can expect uniformity in the standards and amenities at each location.  If you enjoy your stay at one KOA, it’s a good bet that you’ll enjoy others.  We saw that a number of campers arriving in Sault Sainte Marie, from great distances away, had chosen the KOA.  I assume because they knew what to expect.  I’ve been to McDonald’s on four continents and I can tell you that a Big Mac is a Big Mac the world over.  It’s the same deal with KOA, and there’s comfort in that certainty.

The grounds at the Sault Sainte Marie KOA are kept immaculately.  The hedges are trimmed and the gardens are blooming.  There’s a playground for little kids, and a playground for bigger kids and a playground for dogs.  For a small fee you can have a round of mini-golf.  They have a big screen TV in a shelter on the patio where campers can gather together and watch whatever event-TV may be happening that day; the big game, the big news story, the Michael Jackson funeral, whatever.  The store on the grounds is well stocked with camping essentials and souvenirs.  They have free wi-fi, hallelujah and some sites have cable TV hook-ups.

A Little Nervous to Begin With

A Little Nervous to Begin With

The amenity Liam liked most of all, was the heated swimming pool.  He went in with Daddy, to keep him safe, and gradually became more confident in the water.  It’s fantastic to have access to a campground pool.  I hope Liam will become comfortable with the water while he’s young.  Maybe he won’t be the water sissy I turned out to be.

The sites at the KOA aren’t big like you’d expect at a provincial park, but I would consider them big enough to be comfortable and, since the campground wasn’t at capacity, the campers were spread out enough to give us plenty of space and privacy.

We had a lot of fun in THE SOO and our trip was made better by having a comfortable jumping off point like the KOA.  I wouldn’t hesitate to use them again.