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What I Did On My Summer Vacation

October 1, 2009

I know, I know, I’ve been a very delinquent blogger, but no more.  I resolve to do much better.

We ended our vacation in the same city we began it, Las Vegas.  The entire holiday had been planned around being in Las Vegas on our tenth anniversary.  We had long planned to renew our vows in Vegas, just so we could say we’d done it.

I’m not sure how a vow renewal announcement should go, but lets give it a try.

Courtesy of The Little Church of the West

Courtesy of The Little Church of the West

Duncan and Jennifer Routledge are pleased to announce that they are still married after all these years.

We had our choice of venues in Las Vegas, as I’m sure you can guess.  We chose to go with the original.  Back in 1942, The Little Church of the West was the first wedding chapel on, what would become, the Las Vegas strip.  It has been the location of many celebrity weddings and is listed on the National Registry of Historic Places.  Anywhere else, a venue with these credentials would cost you a fortune but in Vegas, where there’s a chapel in every self-respecting hotel, it’s very reasonable.

The bride looked lovely in a bespoke taffeta number taken from the 1957 Vogue archives and embellished with feathers, ribbons and sparkle.  I’m very fortunate to be one of the few people left, in North America, who keeps a seamstress on retainer.  Her name is Caroline.  She runs Tailorfit and does alterations and dress making from her home.  She dreams of someday having a website I can link to.

Our wedding cake - a tower of Krispy Kreme doughnuts

Our wedding cake - a tower of Krispy Kreme doughnuts

We took full advantage of our destination wedding (renewal) local by zipping off to Paris to have our dinner in the Eiffel Tower while watching the Bellagio fountain show from the windows.  The Eiffel Tower restaurant was very fancy, but they didn’t mind Liam being there as he was in a little tux and happened to be very well behaved while we were there.  Duncan figured our attire was winning us respectability.  Maybe.

Las Vegas is everything you’d hope it would be.  Bright lights, huge hotels, over-the-top shows, casinos, food and glitz.  For some reason the whole city smells like hotdogs.  Every hotel takes you into a different world.  Naturally, if you’re looking for seedy underbelly Vegas has that too.  You could easily short-circuit on the sensory overload.

It’s a great city, with so much more than gambling on offer.  We were there for days and between the two of us, we were down $7.00.  We were too busy having fun to linger in the casino.

From Las Vegas it’s easy to arrange trips to The Hoover Dam and Death Valley.  Duncan enjoyed seeing The Hoover Dam, Liam and I did not.  It was screaming hot that day and I already knew about as much about hydroelectric dams as I ever wanted to.  Duncan was disappointed that I didn’t enjoy it.  Maybe next time I’ll take him on a guided tour of a shopping mall to return the favour.

Death Valley, on the other hand, was a real experience but I’ll save that for next time.


A Postcard From The Road

September 4, 2009
Venice Beach

Venice Beach

Hello from Santa Monica!

We’re having a great time.  The flight went well.  Liam did his very best to be patient but came to hate the seatbelt light above his head.  When we finally got off the plane he just kept giggling and exclaiming “We did it!  We did it!”

We’re zipping around the west coast in a brand new Ford Focus.  It’s a good little car.  It’s big enough for us and our luggage but still small enough to be really good on gas; which is good because they apparently don’t like to sell gas to foreigners.  Never mind, I’m just griping.

We spent our first night it Las Vegas.  What an amazing city!  It’s just a complete sensory overload.  I just about short-circuited.  We stayed at the New York New York Hotel and Casino.  It was an absolutely massive hotel, but every hotel on the Vegas strip is an absolutely massive hotel.

The next morning we got up and headed straight to LA.  Actually, we headed straight into an hour long traffic jam.  That was awful.  Once we were free of the traffic jam we just kept following the wild fire smoke into California and fought traffic the whole way to Santa Monica.  Duncan was very annoyed that California drivers don’t reserve the left lane for passing.  He kept muttering away about the lack of lane discipline.

Needless to say, I was more than ready for a beach day yesterday.  I had a headache I just couldn’t shake and I needed to relax.  We spent the day at Venice beach.  The beach is so peaceful and relaxing, it gives you no indication of the wackiness you encounter once you hit the street.  I’ll tell you all about it when we get back.

Today we went into Hollywood and did the Hollywood tourist stuff.  Liam was terrified by a guy in a Darth Vader costume on Hollywood Blvd.  He’s still talking about it.

Anyway, I’ll post pictures and more details later.  Tomorrow we’re going for a very long, scenic drive along the coast from LA to Santa Clara.  It should be good, as long as Liam takes a nap.