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Toronto RV Show and Extraveganza

February 12, 2010

We went to the RV Show.  It was good.

There was a giant robot that (apparently) talked.  It was so loud it was overpowering its own sound system, so we couldn’t understand a word it was saying.  It was more annoying than anything else.

The trailers were cool.  There were a few new features, but they were largely similar to last years models.  It’s always fun to check out the fancy RVs, particularly the ones that could be potential upgrades if we ever get sick of our pop-up.

Long story short, we had a good time.  Liam got tired after a couple of hours and had a tantrum, which signalled the end of our time at the show.  Oh well, another year perhaps.

But now the real news.  Sigh, this feels like a break up.  I think the Cottage On Wheels has run its course for now.  I just don’t have the enthusiasm to write about trailers and camping through the winter.  It feels too much like work.

I’ll pick this back up when we actually start roaming around again, but until then, I have a new project…one that I think some of you may follow me to.

It’s called My Inner Foodzilla.  It’s a blog about health and weight loss.  Something I’m much more interested in at the moment.

If I’m not interested in what I’m writing about, you won’t be interested in reading it.  So I’m going to write about something I’m interested in, and hopefully it will interest you too.  We’ll come back to the Cottage On Wheels when there’s something fun to talk about 😉