About Cottage On Wheels

Hey everybody! I’m Jen, I’ll be your blogger here at Cottage On Wheels.

Cottage on Wheels, refers to our family’s new Viking 2107 pop-up tent trailer.  We’re very excited.  I look on it as the best of two worlds; camping meets cottaging.  It’s the sissy alternative to tent camping.  It’s not as sophisticated as a cottage.  But we can put it anywhere we want to go and we will be comfortable in our own place.

But here’s the deal

We have never owned, rented, or even spent a night in a tent trailer and now we own one.  I can hear you saying, “that’s just crazy!”  Maybe, but we prefer to call it adventurous.

So, those of you who are reading this for educational purposes will be learning right along with me.  Those of you who have been using tent trailers for years will probably get a good laugh at our expense (which I really don’t mind).  In either case I hope you enjoy reading as much as I will enjoy writing about my family’s adventures, roaming around in our Cottage On Wheels.



2 Responses to “About Cottage On Wheels”

  1. Caroline Says:

    You’re crazy!

  2. Elizabeth (Beth) Wiegand Says:

    Congrats! On both trailer and blog. We tent-camped with our 3 kids a lot and have very fond memories of that, and found with our big van we could continue to travel without spending a fortune. Great places in NC mountains and coast for you to explore!

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